Let the Cumbia invade Europe


After a process of reculturization, Latin American musicians and DJ’s in Europe go back to their roots using Cumbia rhythms to promote political discourses and to inform about the reality of their countries. They have managed to include European elements that appeal to its society by adding electronic or modern beats, creating unity and acceptance towards immigrants.

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By Rocío Salazar


“If we go back, we’ll be killed there”

The number of Russian asylum seekers in Europe increased at the same time as the spike in refugees from Syria and the wider Middle East. The most of them are from Chechnya. Chechens started to flee to Europe after the beginning of Chechen war at the end of the 1990s and have already established strong communities in Europe. However, they continue to flee 16 years after the end of the war but now they are turned away. And most often, the only one thing that is waiting for them at home is death.



Overcoming Moldova’s Migrant Labor Crisis


Situated between Romania and Ukraine, the small state of Moldova is unknown to many people. Even more overlooked are the hundreds of thousands of people who leave the country’s poor economy to find work and what is being done in attempt to counteract this issue.

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Food Waste in Denmark

By Winsome Lau & Hyein Jeong

Denmark is battling against food waste. A supermarket like We-Food is an important step in the battle to combat food waste. However, there are still some barriers to compel the other supermarkets to donate the food to charities.

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Dutch government fails to protect tenants in new law

In the Netherlands, a country going through a major housing crisis, the concept of ‘anti-kraak’ is a growing alternative to regular housing. It has left part of society in a vulnerable situation, where low rent comes at the cost of giving up fundamental rights. A new Housing Act did nothing to protect users of anti-kraak.

By Mikkel Leimand & Emma Rapaport

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Bicycle Mayor

The Bicycle Mayor program is the first in the world that will focus on creating solutions for issues such as bike parking, traffic and awareness.

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Amsterdam sex workers to run their own brothels in the red-light district

In July this year, the world’s first prostitute-run brothel will start its business in Amsterdam’s red light district, as part of the city government’s plan to rid the area of pimps and gentrify the district. However, the plan of closing down old windows also victimised local sex workers.

By Michelle Chan

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